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We are saddened by the sudden passing of Gerald McGurk. He retired in 1997 after forty three years of almost uninterrupted service to Sacred Heart College. Gerald was one of those rare teachers whose vocation to teach was the essence of his life. In pursuit of this, his teaching took on a vintage quality, drawing its ongoing inspiration from the generations of young people who sat in his classrooms. Like all great teachers, this quality of his teaching was unique, the idiosyncrasy of a personal commitment graced by a remarkable gift. It was inimitable, but totally engaging, earning the gratitude of his students and the respect of his colleagues. Gerald’s contribution to Sacred Heart College was woven into the weft of its tradition, enduring but ineffable.

Our sincere condolences to the extended McGurk family and particularly Brother Neil McGurk (his nephew), who was the visionary Principal of Sacred Heart College in the 1980s and is responsible for the incredible reputation that SHC has to this day.
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Heart Apart STEAM festival (30 September - 1 October)
Full STEAM ahead
“Art without engineering is dreaming. Engineering without art is calculating.” Steven Roberts
This year the festival aims to make the head-heart, technology-art connection. We aspire to show how the use of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics are transformational tools that we use on a daily basis, often without even realising it, to propel us forward from the place that we held just yesterday. The journey will involve not only travelling backwards, but inwards as well as a means of understanding and making sense of the multiple facets that have brought us to where we are today: mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually and intellectually. All of these aspects will be explored through a variety of workshops and activities that utilise Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics as well as finding ways to connect them and take them beyond dreaming and calculating. Journeys happen in so many different ways and we hope that the multiple journeys that the students, teachers, parents and facilitators embark on will culminate in a better understanding of the self in all its facets thus giving each and every ‘traveller’ the courage and insight “to strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield.”
If you are able to volunteer, please email
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Sacred Heart Koch Street 1889 – 1925

The Marist Brothers arrived in Johannesburg in 1889 to start a school. After having bought a property in Koch Street and building three classrooms and a house for the Brothers.

Marist Brothers College Observatory 1926 – 1955

By 1924 the foundation stone of the second Marist College, in Observatory was laid and opened its doors in 1926 for the entire senior section of the old Koch Street School.

Marist Brothers College Observatory 1956 – 1979

The Maristonian of 1956 reflected the new Marist Observatory Badge and was published by the students. (The first Maristonian was published by the Old Boys Association in 1926).

Sacred Heart College 1980 – 1993

In 1980 Marist Brothers College Observatory became co-educational with the amalgamation of the St Angela’s Ursuline Convent and the Holy Family Convent.

Sacred Heart College 1994 - Present

Sacred Heart College is continually changing to offer education for South Africans for the future generations.