Welcome to Our First Alumni Website!

Welcome to Our First Alumni Website!

Our Alumni, now have their very own website and their own logo! The logo has been designed by Kgomotso Mautloa, a 2003 Sacred Heart College graduate.The significance of the M in the logo represents the word Marist, which connects us as a family.The opening gates behind the M, traced from the school’s beautiful main gate, imply that our alumni are always welcome.

The Alumni also have a magazine called “Meliores”; which means more than simply ‘better’.It can mean ‘more fully’ or ‘to make better’. Meliora can be translated to mean ‘good’, ‘honest’, ‘brave’ or ‘kind’.

Enjoy and Lets Get Involved!

Sacred Heart College Gate 2015

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  1. AWESOME!! I have always felt a very close bond with Sacred Heart and even though I still only keep in contact with very few of my 1996 graduates I am sure this year will change all of that! Great job on the logo KG! I will want to see more from our creative students; that said let me know if any assistance is needed on web-design and communications. “Strive for better things!”

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